Share your unique talents and experience and increase your income.
Your seemingly ordinary life experiences may be of great value to others. On Saihu, you can set your own prices for your services, from a dollar to ten thousand, and arrange appointments with users from all over the world.
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We can help you discover your own valuable experiences and knowledge.
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Fill in your personal information and skills, and obtain your own unique Saihu business card.
Saihu Eligibility Reviews
Eligibility Reviews
During the auditing process, the Saihu secretary will assist you in creating a comprehensive repertoire, thereby improving your strengths.
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Publish Your Services
We will pinpoint your knowledge and skills, and help you direct them to the best services.
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Saihu User subscriptoin
User subscriptoin
The user can either contact you for your services during hours convenient for the both of you, or schedule a specific appointment and await your reply.
Saihu Payment
Users will send their payments online to Saihu before the usage of your services. Upon the completion of your work, Saihu will pay you within seven days, with a platform handling fee deducted from your total earnings.
Saihu Leave rating
Leave rating
Users can evaluate the quality of each service employed. We hope to satisfy more customers with the high quality of our services.
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